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Recently released Victorian Government crime statistics have once again revealed high crime rates across Victoria under the Andrews Labor Government. 

Under Daniel Andrews, crime in Victoria has risen by 10.4% since December 2014. In the City of Kingston the rise has been even higher, with crime up 11.1% over the same period.
Criminal offences in the City of Kingston
December 2014 – 9,471
June 2018 – 10,519

Of particular concern, violent crime in Kingston has risen significantly over the past four years:  
  • Residential Aggravated Burglary up 100%
  • Aggravated Robbery up 83%
  • Stalking Offences up 38%
  • Assault Offences up 15% 

Despite the constantly high rates of serious offending in Kingston and across Victoria, figures supplied by The Police Association show there are now 190 fewer frontline police than there were in 2013. 

At the upcoming state election Victorians will have a choice of more of the same soft touch approach from Daniel Andrews and Labor or the Liberal Nationals’ plan including more frontline police; re-opening the police stations Daniel Andrews closed; mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders; a public sex offenders register for the ‘worst of the worst’; changes to concurrent sentences; tougher conditions for bail and a return to the principle that parole is a privilege and not a right.

Comments from Gordon Rich-Phillips MP, Liberal Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region

Daniel Andrews wants Kingston residents to believe there is no local crime problem, but the truth is that throughout his four years as Premier local crime has never been worse.

The state election will be a referendum on Labor’s weak on crime policies, which have allowed crime to spiral out of control in Victoria over the past four years. 

Victoria Police needs additional resources, but Labor has comprehensively failed to deliver the extra frontline police required to keep our community safe.

Only the election of a Victorian Liberal Nationals Government will bring law and order back to our local community.  

Media contact: Courtney Mann 9794 7667     courtney.mann@parliament.vic.gov.au

Source of crime statistics:  Crime Statistics Agency – link here
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