Opposition Press Releases


Labor’s secret $1 billion hit list of cuts

Opposition Press Releases

Labor will cut more than $1 billion from government services to pay for their unfunded election promises, according to its own costings document.

In its document, Labor says it will pay for some promises with “offsets” and “reprioritisations”, but has refused to reveal where those offsets and reprioritisations are coming from.

This raises serious questions about what services Labor intends to cut: will it be in police, health or education?

The details are revealed on page eight of the document under the heading of Offsets and Reprioritisations.

Labor must immediately tell Victorians just what services they are going to cut. Victorians deserve to know which essential services are on Labor’s hit list.

Because Labor have lost control of the State Budget, they will double net debt, slugging every Victorian household to the tune of $24,722.

Labor will also introduce a raft of new taxes: a tax on the family home of $435 per year; an apartment tax of $3,000, hikes in car rego, public transport tolls and increases in payroll taxes to raise $12.5 billion to help pay for its unfunded infrastructure promises.

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