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10 year commemoration of Black Saturday

This week we commemorate 10 years since the 2009 bushfires that devastated the state of Victoria. Black Saturday will forever be ingrained in Australian history as one of the most catastrophic disasters to hit Victoria.

A decade has passed and we will remember the 173 people who lost their lives, the 400 people who were injured and countless others who carry the emotional and mental scars of that day.

We pay homage to more than 19,000 firefighters, incident management teams and support providers who fought fires, protected our communities, our pets and our homes.

Black Saturday is a testimony to the character of Australians in extraordinary circumstances, and a shining example of the selflessness and mateship that occurs when we unite as a community in dark times.

This week we come together and recognise the tireless work of rebuilding the communities we lost and pay respect to those who lost their lives. This 10 year anniversary serves as an important reminder to reflect and share on our experiences for generations to come.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

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