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$2 public transport all day, every day six months sooner

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will bring forward its $2 flat fares by six months to January 1, give hardworking Victorian families immediate hip pocket relief.

By bring forward our Plan, if we are elected on Saturday, Victorians will benefit from cheaper travel all day, every day in just 5 weeks’ time.

This will mean things like:

  • $2 train, tram or bus fares travelling home after midnight on New Year’s Day

  • $2 train and tram trips to Melbourne Park for the Australian Open

  • $1 trips for students to and from school when Term 1 commences at the end of January

We will also be bringing forward half price V/Line fares, which will be a major boost for regional Victoria during the summer tourism season.

The daily flat fare cap will mean public transport users touch on with a single daily charge against their Myki travel for the rest of the day for no further cost, and will save the typical family of public transport users around $3,500 per year.

It will reduce the cost of a daily zone 1 and 2 fare from $9.20 to $2 for the whole day, or from $4.60 to $1 for a concession ticket, and is expected to initially apply to around 1.6 million trips per day across Victoria.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said only the Liberals and Nationals had real solutions to give hardworking families immediate cost of living relief.

“Hardworking families need cost of living relief now, and bringing forward our $2 flat fares achieves just that,” Mr Guy said.

“Our $2 all day, every day flat fare policy is just five weeks away if we are elected on Saturday.”

Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Danny O’Brien, said that both the CBD and regional communities are set to benefit from the Liberals and Nationals’ Plan to bring forward $2 flat fares.

“Bringing forward our plan for $2 flat fares will help jumpstart patronage on trams, trains and buses and encourage a quicker return for workers, travellers and students across the state.”

The cost of bringing this policy by 6 months is $140 million, which we can afford because we will cap and rein in Mr Andrews’ debt, and cut waste.

Matt Guy MP Danny O’Brien MP

Leader of the Liberal Party Shadow Minister for Public Transport

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