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26,000 Victorians drop out of Labor’s elective surgery waitlist

Victoria’s health crisis continues to worsen as new figures confirm thousands of Victorians have fallen off elective surgery waitlists.

New data reveals 7,708 Victorians were removed from the elective surgery waitlist between April and June 2022, as part of more than 26,000 people removed over the past year.

Individuals can be removed from the waitlist due to surgery being declined or not required, the patient seeking treatment interstate or tragically having died waiting.

Since March 2020, Victoria’s elective surgery waiting lists have grown by 35,945 people (70 per cent), compared to only 10,524 people in New South Wales (11.6 per cent).

Accounting for population differences, since the start of the pandemic Victoria’s elective surgery waitlist has grown more than four times the rate of New South Wales.

Furthermore, the average wait time for category two surgeries has now reached more than double the clinically recommended 90 day period – as some cases continue to face 4 to 5 year wait times.

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier, said the significant number of patients dropping out of the waitlist further demonstrated a system in crisis.

“Daniel Andrews’ health crisis is driving thousands of Victorian to seek care interstate or tragically pass away whilst awaiting critical surgery.”

“No Victorian should be forced to travel interstate to get the treatment they need and deserve. It’s clear our health system in failing Victorians.”

“Daniel Andrews has run Victoria’s health system as Premier or Health Minister for 12 of the last 16 years. The person who broke our health system isn’t the one to fix it.”

“Only a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government has real solutions to fix Labor’s health crisis and halve elective surgery waitlists within 4 years.”

Georgie Crozier MP

Shadow Minister for Health

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