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27% increase in Public Transport crime under Daniel Andrews

The latest Victorian Crime Statistics Agency data shows a concerning 27% increase in property and deception crimes occurring on Victoria’s public transport system, relative to March 2015.

This is an unacceptable increase of over 1,220 incidents of criminal activity on our transport system – and an unacceptable and worrying trend since Daniel Andrews and Labor were elected in November 2014.

Criminal incidents have mostly occured on the train network and include arson, property damage, burglary/break and enter, theft and deception.

The increase in public transport crime is also reflected in the annual Report on Government Services which shows a dramatic increase in the proportion of Victorians who report feeling unsafe on public transport at night, markedly out of kilter with residents elsewhere in the country, since Daniel Andrews and Labor came to office.

The proportion of Victorians who feel unsafe on public transport at night has increased to 27.9%.

Victorians perceptions of their safety on public transport at night has dramatically fallen, and reflects the reality of the latest Crime Statistics Agency data. Daniel Andrews and his embattled Minister Melissa Horne remain silent, while public transport crime has increased since 2015.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“Commuters have a right to feel safe, and be safe when travelling on Victoria’s public transport network.”

“Despite a clear message being sent to Daniel Andrews, and his Minister Melissa Horne that Victorians are reporting feeling unsafe on public transport at night, they continue to do nothing.”

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