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62 trains a day either cancelled or skipped, bypassed or stopped short of stations in June

The Andrews Labor Government’s appalling mismanagement of Melbourne’s rail system continues with no respite in sight for long-suffering commuters who in June alone experienced an average of 62 trains each day either cancelled or not delivering passengers to their intended station.

Daniel Andrews must pull his head out of the sand and do something about the hopeless mismanagement of Melbourne’s trains that his struggling Public Transport Minister has proven month after month that she is simply incapable of improving.

Public Transport Victoria’s own website confirms not only the massive extent of the problem, but also gives lie to Minister Horne’s false claims these unplanned disruptions are due to construction activities.

The Werribee line suffered the most cancelled services in June (128), followed by the Frankston line (106), the Craigieburn and Lilydale lines (60 each) and the Pakenham line (57).

Trains stopping short of their intended destination happened most frequently in June on the Werribee line (165), Lilydale line (151) and Frankston line (87).

Bypassing train loops occurred 57 times on the Cranbourne line in June; 51 times on the Lilydale line; and 48 times each on the Frankston and Pakenham lines. Stations were skipped 71 times in June system wide, with 30 skips on the Craigieburn line alone.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“Passengers expect reliable, safe and punctual train services. Cancelling services or bypassing or skipping stations leaves passengers justifiably frustrated and angry.”

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