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A new plan to make Victoria number one again

Today the Victorian Liberals and Nationals announce a new plan to recover, rebuild and make Victoria number one again.

Victoria, once the fastest growing state and home to the world’s most liveable city has fallen behind following two years of lockdowns and decades of mismanagement, neglect and waste.

One thousand Victorians a week are being added to a waitlist for vital surgery that could almost fill the MCG.

Two years of disrupted school terms have seen childrens’ educational and social development fall further behind as a mental health crisis among young Victorians looms as the single greatest threat to our future.

With 40 new State Government taxes and charges being imposed under Labor, Victoria has become the most difficult state for people to start and run their own small business, and the most expensive place for a family to build a home or send their kids to school.

Worse still, at a time when Victorians need our Government focussed on delivering for us all, the State Labor Government is looking inwards, distracted by its own MPs exposing serious internal corruption and misuse of taxpayers' money.

We cannot continue on this path. Now is the time for a new plan that gives Victorian families and businesses hope for a better future.

Our positive plan, Recover. Rebuild, puts the needs of Victorians front and centre.

We will deliver real solutions to the issues holding Victoria back by:

  • Ensuring there are no more lockdowns

  • Slashing hospital waiting lists and fixing Victoria’s healthcare crisis

  • Fixing the mental health crisis

  • Keeping schools open

  • Keeping the cost of living down

  • Supporting business to recover and employ more Victorians

As Victoria enters the third year of this pandemic, we need a new path forward that takes us beyond COVID – not more of the same snap lockdowns, lockouts, restrictions and mandates.

Our plan will fix the problems holding us back and give Victorians the certainty and security to recover and rebuild.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“The Victorian Liberals and Nationals have a plan to recover, rebuild and make Victoria number one again.

“Our plan will deliver real solutions to the problems holding Victoria back. We will keep families together, people in work, schools and businesses open, halve hospital wait lists and fix the mental health crisis.

“Victorians have a choice. A new plan that supports communities recover, rebuild and get back on track or more of the same old mismanagement, waste and corruption that has got us in this mess in the first place.”

Comments attributable to Leader of The Nationals, Peter Walsh:

"Two years of isolation has crushed the mental wellbeing of all Victorians, especially our kids, while hundreds of thousands of Victorians lost their job from State Labor's failed pandemic management.

"Our positive plan puts Victorians first, with action to slash hospital and surgery waitlists, create new career paths by bringing manufacturing back to Victoria and better supporting our kids with more mental health practitioners in our schools.

"Making sure regional communities get our fair share will be crucial to putting our whole state on the path to recover and rebuild."

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