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A simplified curriculum to make Victorian students the best educated

Victorian students will receive the best education delivered by a simplified curriculum under a new commitment announced today by the Victorian Liberals and Nationals.

Victoria’s curriculum is significantly broader than the Australian curriculum with a Victorian prep student expected to learn hundreds of different things.

The most recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) from 2018 showed that the results of students across Australia, including in Victoria, are stagnating and falling behind the rest of the world in mathematics, science and literacy.

Victoria’s cluttered curriculum is worsening the impacts of two years of remote learning, as students and teachers both struggle to catch-up on the essentials.

Therefore, a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will invest over $200 million to develop and implement a simplified curriculum, including;

  • Simplify the prep to year 10 curriculum so it can actually be taught in a schooling year.

  • Streamline the curriculum to ensure a stronger focus on maths, science and literacy skills.

  • Develop high quality common lesson plans and teacher resources to better support teachers.

  • Provide schools and teachers with the flexibility to teach students areas of interest.

  • Ensure that students receive consistent access to physical education, the Arts and LOTE.

An expert panel will be established to provide informed advice to government on progressing these changes.

In 2020, the final report of the New South Wales Curriculum Review recommended a “de-cluttering” of the curriculum and as well as a teacher’s day to give more time to focus on student learning.

Shadow Minister for Education, David Hodgett, said a simplified curriculum and better support for teachers was essential to supporting students to catch-up on two years of lost learning.

“Victoria’s curriculum is becoming more cluttered at the same time as learning outcomes are worsening – we need a refocus on the essentials.”

“Our plan will utilise education experts to deliver a streamlined, simplified curriculum that is realistic and delivers better outcomes for students.”

“After two years of lost learning, a refocus on the essentials will help make Victorian students the best educated in the nation.”

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to support our children to get their educational and social development back on track after two years of lost learning.”

David Hodgett MP

Shadow Minister for Education

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