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Abolishing Labor’s uber and taxi tax to reward hard-working families

A Liberals and Nationals Government will reward hard-working Victorian families by scrapping Labor’s uber and taxi tax.

The Commercial Passenger Trip Levy was introduced in 2018 by Labor, and levies a flat tax of $1.05 for every taxi, uber or similar rideshare fare.

It applies no matter the distance of the journey to an estimated 60 million trips a year. Scrapping this tax could save Victorians more than $60 million a year.

The “uber and taxi tax” is one of the 43 taxes and charges that Daniel Andrews has introduced or increased since being elected, in direct contradiction of his 2014 election eve promise not to increase taxes.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the Liberals and Nationals had real solutions to reward families and ease hip-pocket pressures.

“Cutting Labor’s uber and taxi tax complements our plan for cheaper public transport with $2 train, tram and bus fares, and half price V/Line fares.”

“Rewarding hard-working families and cutting taxes is all part of our Long-Term Economic Plan.”

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said by reining in Daniel Andrews’ record debt, the Liberals and Nationals could deliver financial relief to hard-working Victorians.

“The Liberal Party is the party of lower taxes, we will always cut taxes where we can.”

“The reason we are able to scrap the uber and taxi tax is because we reining in Daniel Andrews’ spiralling debt, and cutting waste such as the $4.7 billion West Gate Tunnel cost blowout.”

Matt Guy MP David Davis MP

Leader of the Liberal Party Shadow Treasurer

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