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All Victorians will pay for Andrews’ failure to deal with John Setka

Victoria’s major projects are set for massive delays, cost blow-outs and industrial disputes because of Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement of industrial relations. Reports that industrial peace is now over, with the CFMMEU declaring war on other unions, threatens to derail public works across Victoria.

Daniel Andrews and Labor only have themselves to blame for this. Labor sold its soul to militant unions—taking their votes, and their cash, including over $3.3 million in donations from the CFMMEU. The cost of this is that Daniel Andrews had no authority to dump John Setka and will now be unable to stop industrial disputes.

Death threats, assaults and the use of standover tactics by bikie gangs have all been features of union demarcation disputes in Victoria.

Today in Question Time, Daniel Andrews refused to rule out cost blow-outs and failed to guarantee the safety of workers from union thuggery.

The Liberal Nationals have been calling for Daniel Andrews to distance his government from John Setka and criminal elements in the union movement for years, but his actions have been too little, too late.

This whole saga is a failure of Daniel Andrews’ leadership, and all Victorians will pay the price.

Nick Wakeling MP

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

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