All worker rights matter – even workers of Labor Party members

All workers should be treated fairly and be paid properly for their hard work.

Yet, serious questions remain as to whether the Member for Burwood fully paid the entitlements of his former business, the Heritage Hotel in central Queensland after it went into receivership.

The appointed receivers of the business are reported as saying: “that outstanding wages have been paid to staff but they were likely to miss out on any other employee entitlements”.

These allegations are serious and cut to the core of whether workers at the business were treated fairly.

However, when the case was formally raised with the Minister for Industrial Relations, Tim Pallas, he responded that the Government would not investigate the matter.

When the issue was raised in Parliament today, the Government did everything it could to shut down the debate.

But it gets worse, the Member for Burwood sat in the chamber for the debate, but refused to deny the allegations.

All workers should be treated fairly, even those workers who work for Labor members.

James Newbury MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Freedom of Information

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