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Allegations of tax evasion build case for more time to properly investigate Crown

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Crown Casino has heard explosive evidence that Crown may have underpaid its gambling taxes by up to $168 million.

When pressed today, Crown representatives admitted they were concerned the Royal Commission might uncover an underpayment of taxes which they say allegedly occurred between the 2014 and 2019 financial years.

The Andrews Labor Government must explain how it failed to notice this alleged underpayment, which potentially dudded the state out of tens of millions of dollars it was entitled to.

These are serious allegations that must be properly investigated, but Labor’s decision to “fast-track” this Royal Commission means it likely won’t have the time – or resources – to deliver a full assessment.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Steph Ryan

“Victorians need to have confidence that the policing of operations at Crown Casino has been above board.”

“The state Labor Government is so close to Crown that it has failed to pick up on money laundering, organised crime and now potentially the underpayment of millions of dollars in tax.

“Daniel Andrews was so reluctant to call this Royal Commission that he could not even bring himself to announce its establishment.

“The revelations today that Crown may have underpaid its taxes by up to $168 million again highlights why the Royal Commission should be given an extension of time so that it can do its job properly.”

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