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Andrews and his Ministers delay public hearings to avoid scrutiny

The Labor Party has used its numbers in Parliament’s powerful Public Account and Estimates Committee (PAEC) to delay public hearings scheduled for later this month so its incompetent Ministers will not have to face scrutiny.

The 2019-20 PAEC Financial and Performance Outcomes hearings, originally scheduled in November 2019, were first pushed out to February 24th and have now been pushed out a second time by Labor to the end of July, well after the next State Budget is handed down.

It’s widely known that all major projects announced by Andrews have blown out and lacked planning – the government needs to come clean on its failings.

Andrews and his mates have refused to answer the tough questions in Question Time and now they’re avoiding PAEC.

Andrews can’t manage money or projects and we know that when Labor runs out of money, they come after yours.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“The results of this government’s failures are plain to see, with blowouts on every project it touches.

“These hearings are crucial to exposing the failures of this government to properly plan these projects.

“Andrews and his Ministers were elected to govern, not to rule, and they can’t just run and hide from their failures.

“The Andrews Labor Government must be accountable to the people of Victoria, it’s simply not good enough to arrogantly refuse to answer to the people it is elected to serve.”

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