Andrews blocks release of secret pandemic plan

Daniel Andrews continues to evade transparency by fighting tooth and nail to avoid releasing documents relating to his government’s pandemic response, including the draft pandemic plans.

Since April 2020, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have loudly advocated for the release of written communications between the Chief Health Officer, the Premier and his office, and the Minister for Health’s office relating to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Despite some emails having been released, a number of key documents relating to the pandemic plan remain secret.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis said Victorians deserved to know the rationale behind the government’s draconian decision making throughout the pandemic.

“Victorians have every right to see these draft COVID-19 plans given the seriousness of the pandemic, the loss of life and the damage to the Victorian economy,” he said.

“Transparency in these matters is critical and exposing clear deficiencies and delays in the government’s approach is clearly in the public interest.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer