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Andrews can no longer remain silent on Setka

John Setka’s admission of guilt makes it untenable for the Andrews Government and Victorian Labor to have any further association with the CFMMEU under the leadership of this rogue leader.

Today’s guilty plea by Mr Setka to charges of harassing a woman and breaching a court order only add to calls for Daniel Andrews to cut this rogue union loose.

For too long, Daniel Andrews has remained silent on the criminal acts and behaviour of the CFMMEU under Mr Setka’s leadership.

Whether it be illegal blockades, findings of criminal contempt, threats to make children of public servants ashamed of their parents, or today’s admission of guilt, the CFMMEU under Mr Setka has been a stain on Victorian Labor and will continue to be until Daniel Andrews acts.

This crisis is paralysing Labor and it is undermining the Premier’s integrity.

Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor must stop taking the CFMMEU’s cash, stop taking their votes, and stop this rogue union from having any further association with the Victorian Government.

For years, the Liberal Nationals have been calling for Mr Setka and his rogue union to be thrown out of the Labor Party, and today’s admission of guilt only adds to the need for Daniel Andrews to act.

The standard that Daniel Andrews walks past is the standard he accepts.

Nick Wakeling MP

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

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