Andrews delivers disappointment on restrictions

Daniel Andrews has again let down Victorians who were promised the end of unnecessary QR codes and were waiting to finally remove their masks.

Instead, what Victorians got was the removal of QR codes in settings where the public has already stopped using them, and the continuation of the mask rule that is suffocating our CBD.

The Andrews Labor Government appears to be making things up as it goes, with a different thought bubble every day.

Victorians want to know why they are being made to wait an extra week for even more reviews to take place.

Our position is clear:

No more lockdowns.

No more mask mandates.

No more QR codes.

Victorians need certainty to recover and rebuild. Only the Liberals and Nationals have a plan to make Victoria number one again.

Comments attributable to the Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“Every day that mask mandates remain in office settings is another day that small business owners across Melbourne struggle to keep their doors open.”

“The Liberals and Nationals position is clear. No more mask mandates, no more QR code check ins and no more lockdowns.”