Andrews’ gas games push prices higher

Victorian families and small businesses are set to be hit further with power bill increases as the Andrews Labor Government continues to play politics with energy.

Reports today have confirmed that the Andrews Labor Government has temporarily shelved a secret plan to cut gas heating, stovetops, and hot water by 50 per cent until after the State Election.

This secret plan would further increase cost of living pressures for households and small businesses and signal to energy suppliers to reduce supply, just as prices spike and the market operator warns of shortages.

Furthermore, between 2014 and mid-2021, the Andrews Labor Government banned Victorian onshore gas supplies – withholding critical supply from the local market and causing a lack of investment in energy infrastructure over recent years.

Since 2017, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have put forward a common-sense plan to keep prices low by working with local landowners to allow safe access to conventional onshore gas and ensuring an appropriate domestic reserve for Victorian consumers.

Shadow Minister for Energy, Craig Ondarchie, said the Andrews Labor Government has failed Victorians and has no plan to keep energy prices low nor guarantee reliability of supply.

“The Andrews Labor Government has been asleep at the wheel on potential gas shortfalls,” Mr Ondarchie said.

“Despite being warned by Australian Energy Market Operator, Daniel Andrews did nothing to encourage investment, instead he chose to actively campaign against it.”

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have a common-sense plan to get more gas flowing and keep prices low.”

Craig Ondarchie MP

Shadow Minister for Energy