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Andrews’ health advice facade exposed

Premier Daniel Andrews has been exposed sidelining health experts over critical decisions affecting the daily lives of every Victorian.

Speaking yesterday on mandating boosters, Daniel Andrews said “You know what’s mandatory? Following the advice of experts… I’ll follow the advice of experts”.

Over recent weeks, the State Government has enforced a ban on IVF treatments and unsuccessfully sought National Cabinet support for mandatory boosters.

Today, Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has confirmed to a Parliamentary Committee that he never advised the State Government to mandate vaccine boosters or ban IVF treatments.

It is now clear these decisions were not made to protect the health of Victorians but by a State Government obsessed with control, spin and the politics of COVID.

Daniel Andrews has form on making captains calls without health backing. In September 2020, it was revealed that Melbourne’s curfew was imposed without the support of Victoria Police or the Chief Health Officer.

Victorians cannot trust the decisions of this Premier or Government. Never listen to what Labor says, always look at what Labor does.

David Southwick MP

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party

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