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Andrews’ health funding hypocrisy

Victorian families are no closer to having the health system they deserve as Daniel Andrews continues to play political games with health funding.

Labor’s recent 2022-23 Budget confirms a cut in total health spending from $27.055 billion in 2021-21 to $25.018 billion in 2022-23 – a reduction of more than $2 billion (BP3 page 220).

The government’s justification for this cut is “primarily due to lapsing 2021-22 funding related to COVID-19 response initiatives” (BP5 page 97). Despite this cut, Daniel Andrews has today demanded additional COVID related Commonwealth health payments continue for a further 9 months.

With Victoria’s budget position continuing to decline due to Labor’s mismanagement and waste, it’s clear Labor is now reliant on funding from the Commonwealth to prop up its failing health system.

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier said Daniel Andrews continues to play games with health funding rather than fix the crisis he has created.

“Daniel Andrews can’t have it both ways on health funding.”

“It’s not good enough to cut COVID health funding from the State Budget whilst also demanding additional federal COVID health funding continue.”

“Only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will cut the waste, put money back into the system and fix Labor’s health crisis.”

Georgie Crozier MP

Shadow Minister for Health

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