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Andrews hides COVID data

As Victorians endure day 4 of a third lockdown, the Andrews Labor Government is keeping the location of new COVID-19 cases secret.

On the Department of Health and Human Service’s website, the Local Government Area data map has not been updated since 30 January 2021.

This is deeply concerning as community transmission of COVID-19 returned to Victoria on 4 February 2021.

Since the onset of the pandemic Victorians have done the right thing and followed the health advice diligently. The Andrews Labor Government’s shambolic approach to contact tracing must not be allowed to hamper the efforts of Victorians doing it tough, through no fault of their own.

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier, has raised this considerable oversight from the government in Parliament today calling upon Health Minister Martin Foley to immediately release this information.

Importantly the State Government needs to explain why this data has not been forthcoming since 30 January 2021.

Victorians deserve transparency and competence from their government.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Why on earth do Victorians not have access to live and up-to-date information?

“The Andrews Labor Government is either hiding this data on purpose or is simply incompetent.

“Victorians need to access all of the latest information to make the right choices to protect themselves and their communities from COVID-19.”

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