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Andrews Labor Government leaves retirement village residents high and dry

After stringing along residents of Victoria’s retirement villages since early 2019, the Andrews Labor Government have now shown what they really think of them – nothing.

The Andrews Labor Government committed in 2019 to change legislation to ensure residents have their financial futures and rights protected. Despite feedback from learned and capable stakeholders over the last three years, the reforms weren’t introduced before Parliament closed.

It comes as the Government has released an exposure draft of the proposed changes, with residents having less than three weeks to provide feedback on these complex matters.

That’s why a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will commit to consult communities properly and finalise the legislation to better protect those living in retirement villages. Further, we will fund an expansion of the services of the Dispute Resolution Settlement Centre of Victoria, so they are available to residents of Victoria’s retirement villages.

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs, Roma Britnell, said the Andrews Labor Government had walked away from retirement village residents in their time of need.

“It is so convenient for the government to rush this draft response through at the 11th hour. The reality is these are real lives being impacted here, people who put their trust in this government and the responsible Minister to protect their interests.”

“With a consultation period of less than three weeks, this has all the appearance of a government desperate to avoid scrutiny like always, instead of doing the right thing and supporting 36,000 residents from 467 retirement villages in Victoria.”

Roma Britnell MP

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

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