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Andrews Labor Government now 50% less accountable

The Andrews Labor Government is gagging Parliament with the release of a shortened PAEC schedule to minimise public and media scrutiny. Today’s release of the upcoming PAEC schedule has slashed the twelve days of hearings scheduled last year to just six this year.

Key portfolios such as Youth Justice, which includes recent violent assaults and break-outs has been scheduled by this sneaky government to the dead of a Friday night to hide from accountability.

Training and Skills, which would highlight the $19 million reduction in Government funding for student training enrolments has also been scheduled by the Andrews Labor Government on a late Friday night hearing before a public holiday long weekend, in an attempt avoid as much scrutiny possible for lightweight Minister Gayle Tierney.

While regional Victoria suffers through drought, unfair rates for farmers and timber jobs being put at risk, the Andrews Labor Government has decided to push those issues to midweek night time hearings.

Despite the rhetoric of being in the “Education State”, an hour of hearings for Education and early childhood has been cut and hearings on the critically important issue of family violence has also been cut by 33%.

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee plays an important role in holding Ministers to account as they spend Victorian taxpayers’ money.

This is an arrogant government that hates scrutiny and accountability and is now using their numbers to hide the truth from Victorians.

David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

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