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Andrews Labor Government’s construction industry shut-down leaves Victorians in limbo

Daniel Andrews’ knee-jerk reaction in closing down the building industry has far-reaching consequences which go far beyond disputes over tearooms.

In shutting down hundreds of residential building sites right around the state, Daniel Andrews has told thousands of high-volume and independent tradies and builders that they can no longer work.

These builders, who work on sites which often have less than half a dozen people and who mostly work outdoors, have largely done the right thing over the past 18 months, along with so many other Victorians.

The government demonstrates time after time that they simply do not understand the impact of shutting down an entire industry overnight. Tourism, hospitality and the events sector have all felt the pain of these sudden shut-downs. The residential building sector now joins the growing list of those devastated by a government that is either ignorant or just doesn’t care.

Daniel Andrews’ spiteful restrictions do far more damage than merely punishing the sector for the actions of a few.

Trade and building suppliers, with building work halted, will close their doors and force hundreds more workers to stay at home.

The Andrews Labor Government has not given a second thought to the hundreds of new home buyers who now have no idea when they will be able to take possession of their new home. Many of these people will be left in limbo as they are forced to leave rental properties where they have given notice or their previous home that they are bound to settle on and vacate.

Daniel Andrews’ actions are causing pain far beyond our major construction sites and Victorians deserve better.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

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