Andrews Labor Government shuts down search for truth over bungled hotel quarantine

The Labor dominated Public Accounts and Estimates Committee has shut down an attempt to get to the bottom of a lie Daniel Andrews told the committee yesterday.

At yesterday’s PAEC hearing into the botched hotel quarantine which led to the second wave of Coronavirus, Daniel Andrews said there was no ADF support on offer to help the Victorian Government manage its hotel quarantine program. But a statement by the Federal Defence Minister clarified that multiple offers were made and rejected by Andrews.

The Liberal Nationals PAEC members have called for Daniel Andrews to re-appear at the inquiry to explain why he lied to the committee or to give him a chance to correct the record, but were shut down by the Labor Chairperson.

How can Victorians have any faith in a system when Labor committee members continue to run a protection racket for Daniel Andrews who has been caught out lying?

Comments attributable to Deputy Chair of the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Richard Riordan:

“Daniel Andrews has lied to Parliament and lied to Victorians, now his Labor colleagues are shutting down the process to get the truth.

“How can Victorians trust Daniel Andrews when he lies to a Parliamentary committee and has his Labor mates use their numbers to cover it up?

“We will continue to demand that the Premier return to the public hearings and the Liberal Nationals will now begin the process which may include the intervention of the Speaker.”

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