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Andrews Labor Government slaps another tax increase on Victorians

Daniel Andrews has quietly slapped a $4,030 tax increase in housing sites across Melbourne’s growth suburbs.

The increase to the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) tax per hectare on Type A land was gazetted yesterday.

Type B and C land will also have their GAIC tax increased by $4,790 from 1 July.

These increased charges come despite Daniel Andrews’ temporary pause on his planned $20,000 big new homes tax.

All these new and increased charges will continue to push up the cost of housing for families in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Daniel Andrews has increased GAIC by $14,490 on Type A land, and by $17,240 on Type B and C land since coming to government.

GAIC in 2014-15 was $88,770 per hectare (Type A land) and $105,420 per hectare (Type B and C land). From 1 July, it will be increased to $103,260 and $122,660, respectively.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis said the last thing Victorian families need now is new or increased taxes.

“Daniel Andrews has slugged Victorians with more than 40 new or increased taxes - the majority on property, building and construction since coming to government in November 2014.

“With Victorians expecting a surge in taxes and charges from 1 July, Labor continues to hit struggling young families where it hurts.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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