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Andrews’ “new” train timetable leaves too many commuters worse off

Labor’s changes to the metropolitan train timetable, effective today, will see many more commuters forced to change trains to get to their destinations.

It’s going to take them longer than ever before to get to and from where they need to go.

In the case of Frankston Line commuters, Daniel Andrews will cut their train line from the City Loop. Frankston line trains will also no longer go to Parliament, Melbourne Central and Flagstaff stations - despite the Frankston Line running through the Loop for 40 years since it opened in January 1981.

Cranbourne and Pakenham Line commuters will find the direction of their evening City Loop services reversed, leaving many no alternative but to seek to scramble aboard another packed service and then change trains at Richmond or South Yarra.

Commutes to and from Ballarat will also take longer than ever with the removal of key express services on the line.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“Daniel Andrews calls it ‘additional train services’ but people on the key Cranbourne and Pakenham Lines are facing slower services and others are forced to change trains – it’s a con job.

“Andrews has seemingly wasted billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on transport infrastructure with countless major disruptions to commuters’ travel only to result in metropolitan train services that are now slower and less direct than ever before for many commuters.

“Add to that the trouble plagued High Capacity Metro Trains project, already years overdue, and the massive budget blowouts with the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project and Labor’s transport infrastructure agenda scores a resounding fail.”

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