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Andrews’ power policy in tatters

Daniel Andrews had today admitted that “power bills, as forecast last night, are set to go up” under his thought bubble power policy.

This is a direct contradiction to his previous claims that his policy would “drive down power bills” – including in his paid television advertisements.

Further, when asked today by how much power prices would fall, Mr Andrews said “How much lower? I’m not nominating a number” and that is because power prices are set to soar by 56 percent over the next two years alone.

However, his own policy document says that power prices will increase by 40 per cent in the decade from 2025 if his policy ever turns into reality.

His policy is now in tatters.

Daniel Andrews is gaslighting Victorians, trying to con them into believing something that isn’t true.

He is now caught in a web of contradictions.

On one hand he says his policy would drive power prices down, then he won’t nominate a number and finally he has now admitted that “power bills are set to go up”.

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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