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Andrews refuses to rule out more debt

Daniel Andrews has today refused to rule out new debt to fund his election promises.

Each time he was quizzed about how he would pay for the cost of his promises was that they had been signed off by the Department of Treasury and Finance “in the usual way”.

He repeatedly pointed to the PEBU to try and explain how he would pay for his commitments.

All the PEBU does is prove that debt is increasing.

The Department of Treasury and Finance does not “sign off” on the massive surge in debt imposed on Victorians by Daniel Andrews and his Treasurer, Tim Pallas.

In 2018, Tim Pallas announced a doubling of debt from six per cent of GSP to 12 per cent of GSP just two days before the election.

That 12 per cent projection blew out to 20.4 per cent of GSP this year and continues to rise each year over the forward estimates.

Daniel Andrews and Labor are addicted to debt.

Debt is spiralling out of control and is now estimated to be $165.9 billion by 2025.

It is more than the total debt pile of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania combined.

The only way to get the state’s finances under control is to vote Liberals and Nationals.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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