Andrews smashes the great Australian dream

The increasingly out of touch Premier Daniel Andrews has today smashed young Victorian’s home-ownership dreams, telling the Guardian that he believed that the great Australian dream of home ownership was less important to younger generations.

You have to ask: what planet is Mr Andrews living on?

It appears that Mr Andrews is trying to lay the groundwork for re-introducing his crushing new housing tax, which will massively push up the cost of new houses.

And, which he said in the same interview, had only been taken off the table because it was “too hard” – not because the Government had backed down on introducing it.

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, David Southwick said the lack of affordability of housing is a major challenge, especially for young Victorians.

“Unlike Mr Andrews, we aren’t going to give up on providing young Victorians with the same home ownership opportunity that our generation has had,” he said.

“We certainly aren’t going to whack home-buyers with another $20,000 tax – which is clearly still firmly on the Andrews Labor Government’s agenda.”

David Southwick MP

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party