Another shocking public transport performance state-wide: this time with a record litany of excuses

The Victorian public transport system failed on all fronts in the month of December with:

  • Metropolitan trains failing to meet their punctuality targets, again

  • Metropolitan trams failing to meet their reliability targets, and;

  • V/Line failing to meet its punctuality targets, yet again

The metropolitan tram performance failure will give rise to compensation for eligible passengers, such is the scale of the Andrews Labor Government’s failure to deliver quality tram services for Melbournians.

Key performance data show that the performance of both Metro Trains and Yarra Trams declined significantly from the comparable December 2018 month.

Metropolitan trains again failed critical performance on workday punctuality, failing to meet acceptable punctuality targets on 15 on 20 workdays, a 75% failure rate on workdays, when most passengers are travelling, in December.

The new and novel compendium of excuses for bad public transport performance employed by Daniel Andrews’ bureaucrats in December include:

  • Heat

  • Industrial action

  • Heat to overheads

  • Numerous bridge strikes

  • Tram overhead and rail bridge strikes

  • Speed restrictions

  • People illegally entering the tracks

This farrago of excuses is all designed so that Daniel Andrews and his incompetent Minister can avoid responsibility. However, these factors have always been present in public transport systems, but the ongoing bad performance of our trains, trams and country rail services means Labor are desperately searching for excuses.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“This is another public transport failure by Daniel Andrews and Labor; trains, trams and country trains all failed to meet targets in December and all performed worse than December 2018 and the last month of the Liberal Nationals in November 2014.

“Commuters expect a punctual and reliable service and, despite the billions spent by Daniel Andrews, performance has crashed. The massive litany of excuses is testament to Labor’s failure.”

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