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Another week of chaos

This week is yet another week of disruptive protests in Melbourne’s CBD thanks to Daniel Andrews’ inept leadership.

This morning’s blockades have already lead to numerous injuries, a hospitalisation and protesters reportedly punching a horse.

In 2015, the Andrews Labor Government repealed Victoria’s move-on laws, which gave police the power to promptly move on activists targeting and harassing law abiding Victorians.

This chaos is becoming part of Melbourne's daily life. Melburnians just want to go to work in the morning and they can't because Daniel Andrews is allowing these protesters to take over the central business district.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, David Southwick:

“The Andrews Labor Government has no plan other than to stand idly by and watch our city be held to ransom.”

“We need to restore the move-on powers that police used to have.”

“The important powers that Labor repealed ensured that police could keep Melbourne moving, while respecting the right to protest.”

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