Arrogant Labor Government hides Ministers from scrutiny

Labor today slashed the amount of time that the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) will be able to question Daniel Andrews’ Ministers about Labor’s irresponsible budget. This is an arrogant government who thinks there is one rule for them and another rule for everyone else.

Labor’s Ministers have been put into the political equivalent of witness protection.

Victorians have a right to know how their money is being spent but Daniel Andrews is using his numbers in Parliament to run a protection racket for his Ministers, avoiding the tough questions.

Despite the cladding crisis facing Victoria, Labor has slashed questioning of Minister for Planning Richard Wynne from 2hrs, to 1hr 15 minutes; a 37.5 per cent cut. While Victoria’s public housing waiting lists skyrocket, Labor has cut 15 minutes from questions for Richard Wynne as Minister for Housing.

Labor’s incompetent Minister for Higher Education, who has overseen massive falls in TAFE enrolments, has also been shielded from scrutiny by her Labor colleagues. She will face 30 minutes fewer of questions.

Breaking an earlier election promise, Labor has stacked the Committee and is using their numbers to run a protection racket for incompetent Ministers.

Despite Daniel Andrews promising to reform and strengthen PAEC before he was elected as Premier, he’s now gutting this important Committee that should be allowed to scrutinise Labor’s budget.

This is yet another example of Daniel Andrews saying one thing before an election, and then arrogantly doing the exact opposite afterward.

Kim Wells MP

Shadow Special Minister of State

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