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Auditor-General blows the whistle on Daniel Andrews advertising spend

Daniel Andrews continues to use people’s money as his own personal ATM as a new report confirms millions have been misused for inappropriate government advertising.

The Victorian Auditor-General has today released a report confirming two Labor advertising campaigns breached legislation and were, in effect, political ads for the Andrews Labor Government.

The Auditor-General canned the Our Fair Share and Victoria’s Big Build advertising campaigns saying these campaigns did not fully comply with the law, stating:

In our opinion, the campaigns did not fully comply with the 2017 laws. Most Our Fair Share … advertisements were political, in that they could easily be seen to promote the current Victorian Government (and) in the case of the Our Fair Share campaign, criticise the current Commonwealth Government.”

Furthermore, the Auditor-General slammed the lack of transparency surrounding advertising finding, stating that “Public reporting is often incorrect, incomplete, inconsistent and hard to access.”

Shadow Treasurer David Davis said Daniel Andrews had been again caught out helping himself to people’s money and must now repay taxpayers.

“Daniel Andrews treats people’s money as his own and when caught out – arrogantly blames others.”

“Victorians deserve better than a Government that uses taxpayers money to fuel its spin machine.”

“This is money that should’ve been used to fix the health crisis and support communities to recover and rebuild.”

“Worse still, Daniel Andrews has shut down an independent review into these matters.”

“With Daniel Andrews, it’s always spin, lies and cover-ups before people. Only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will end Labor’s mismanagement and waste.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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