Backing community recovery by delivering value-for-money on major projects

The Victorian Liberals and Nationals will end Labor’s billion dollar cost blowouts by executing a new plan to better deliver value-for-money on major projects.

Under Daniel Andrews, virtually every major infrastructure project has been delayed and experienced significant cost blowouts – leaving Victorian families and small businesses to foot the bill time and again.

Collectively, Labor’s major project cost blowouts have reached more than $24 billion dollars, enough to build 2400 Breast Cancer Centres, construct 369 new Youth Mental Health Centres or hire more than 250,000 new maternity nurses.

When asked about major project cost overruns, Daniel Andrews dismissively stated that “things cost what they ultimately cost” and that “anyone that’s done a kitchen reno for heaven’s sake knows.”

Victorians deserve a Government that respects people’s money and can deliver the projects the community needs on time and on budget.

As part of our Recover Rebuild plan, a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will:

  • Commission an urgent, independent audit of all of Labor’s capital projects over the value of $100 million to ensure that taxpayers are getting value for money.

  • Re-establish a parliamentary Public Works Committee to ensure better scrutiny of major infrastructure projects in Victoria.

Victoria will never get back on track whilst we continue in Labor’s downward spiral of major project mismanagement, cost blowouts, higher taxes and more debt.

Proper cost control on major projects is imperative. Better management means less debt for our children, more options for additional projects and less need for new taxes.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“Victoria will never recover and rebuild whilst billions continues to be wasted by a Government that feels entitled to throw away people’s money.

“A Liberals and Nationals Government I lead will reign in Labor’s cost blowouts, meaning more projects and more money to put into the services that matter.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny, Louise Staley:

“Every dollar wasted on Labor’s blowouts is one fewer for better education, healthcare, local roads or safer communities. This is the real world cost of Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement.

“Our plan will ensure Victorians are getting value for money from these projects and help future costs down.”