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Backing local jobs and manufacturing with Victorian gas for Victorians

Victoria’s manufacturing sector and local jobs will receive a significant boost under a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government’s Victorian gas for Victorians policy.

Under this plan, 100 per cent of new conventional onshore gas will be reserved for Victorian consumers – meaning more reliable and affordable gas supplies for businesses across the state – without fracking.

The Andrews Labor Government’s advice is clear:

A December 2020 Victorian Gas Program report found that:

  • There is likely to be 128-830 petajoules of commercially feasible onshore conventional gas yet to be discovered in the state.

  • Production of the estimated gas resources could generate around $300 million annually for regional economies and create up to 6400 jobs over the lifespan of these projects.

  • Environmental studies showed that developing these gas resources to secure local gas supply would not compromise the state’s groundwater supplies or agricultural sector.

Additionally, another 2020 EY report commissioned by the Government found that:

The introduction of domestic prioritisation mechanism (e.g. right of first offer) was identified as a further mitigation [to relative gas shortage supply in Victoria]. Such a mechanism could require gas produced from Otway Basin scenarios to be offered to Victorian gas users first. No risks were identified to this receptor. (page 17, emphasis added).

Western Australia has maintained a domestic gas reservation policy since 2006, which has contributed to that state having the lowest gas prices in the OECD.

The same policy has been delivering huge power bill savings and energy security to Western Australians.

Western Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, told Sky News on November 3 that the policy works:

“We’ve had huge investment, more than $100 billion of gas projects investment in Western Australia, and we’ve had enough supply for the domestic market both for consumers and industry,” Mr McGowan said.

“It’s meant that Western Australia has been in a far, far, far better position than the eastern’s proven to work in the interest of the people of the state.”

If it works in Western Australia, it can work here. Last time we checked, Western Australia was also party to the Australian Constitution.

It's curious - in the world according to Daniel Andrews, it’s fine for his Labor colleague Mark McGowan to do this in the West, but not for the Liberals and Nationals to do this in Victoria.

In contrast, Daniel Andrews’ back-to-the-future energy plan will increase power prices by 40 per cent and relies on raiding the super of ordinary Victorians.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the Liberals and Nationals’ Victorian gas for Victorians plan would mean lower prices and more secure supplies for Victorian businesses and households.

“Keeping Victorian gas for Victorians is sensible, achievable and will boost manufacturing jobs across the state,” Mr Guy said.

“With Daniel Andrews, it’s always spin before real solutions. Only the Liberals and Nationals will deliver the energy bill relief our businesses need to thrive and grow.”

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, David Southwick, said high energy prices were holding back businesses and households across Victoria.

“Businesses can’t grow when energy bills just keep going up and up and up,” Mr Southwick said.

“Labor’s own plan admits that power prices will rise 40 per cent from 2025. A plan for higher bills is no plan at all.”

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to ease power prices and keep them low so small businesses and manufacturing jobs can get ahead.”

Matt Guy MP David Southwick MP

Leader of the Liberal Party Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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