Berwick Cranbourne Road Upgrade

My constituency question is for the attention of the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. Over the last four years we have seen enormous growth take place in the new suburbs of Clyde and Clyde North, which largely did not exist two or three years ago. It was farming land and had been for multiple generations. With this enormous growth, there is now enormous pressure on local infrastructure—road infrastructure and rail infrastructure. In particular, Thompsons Road is experiencing enormous traffic pressures as a consequence of that growth and Clyde Road is experiencing enormous pressure, as is Berwick-Cranbourne Road. So my constituency question to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is: when will the government fund the upgrade of Berwick-Cranbourne Road between Cameron Street and Clyde-Five Ways Road? It is currently single lane, a little bit dual lane then single lane again. It desperately needs an upgrade. When will the minister fund it?