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Bigger bills and cold showers – Andrews gas lockup hits Victorians

Victorian households and small businesses are facing bigger energy bills and supply shortfalls as a new report confirms the impact of Daniel Andrews’ energy mismanagement.

Today’s report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission highlights the impact of Daniel Andrews’ years long ban on onshore gas, with Victoria and east coast states facing worsening gas shortages into 2023.

Between 2014 and mid-2021, the Andrews Labor Government maintained a ban on conventional onshore gas, claiming there was no “proven or probable” reserves within Victoria.

Despite this claim, a December 2020 report found there was up to 830 petajoules of conventional onshore gas in Victoria, more than four times Victoria’s annual consumption.

In March 2019, the Australian Energy Market Operator identified that “without additional gas supply capacity, gas supply restrictions and curtailment of gas-powered generation for electricity may be necessary on a peak winter day from 2023”.

Daniel Andrews’ ideological ban on onshore gas has stagnated the development of new gas supplies just as Victoria needs them the most.

In contrast, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to keep the lights on, energy bills low and sensibly transition our economy to lower emissions, including;

• Offering rebates of up to $4,400 for one million home solar and battery systems.

• Working with, not against, industry, landholders and local communities to bring conventional onshore gas to market – whilst maintaining a ban on fracking.

• Legislate a domestic gas reservation policy within the first six months of Government.

• Establish a $1 billion Victorian Hydrogen Strategy to support the research, development and adoption of clean hydrogen technologies.

• Unlock 1,800 megawatts of renewable energy by upgrading transmission infrastructure in Western Victoria.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, David Southwick, said the Liberals and Nationals had sensible solutions to fix Daniel Andrews’ gas crisis.

“Under Daniel Andrews’ gas ban, Victoria has fallen behind and now faces bigger bills and cold showers as gas supplies run dry.”

“More ideological mismanagement of our energy system is not the path forward. Our plan will keep the lights on, showers hot and costs low.”

“Only the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to keep energy bills down and transition to a cleaner more sustainable economy.”

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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