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Blanket healthcare bans fail Victorians in need

Victorians in need of critical healthcare and treatments are being let down under the State Government’s close first, ask questions later approach to Victoria’s health system.

The Andrews Government’s decision to impose a blanket ban on elective surgery at public hospitals, private hospitals, and day surgery centres is unnecessarily leaving thousands of Victorians in pain and their health deteriorating whilst awaiting vital surgery.

After calls from the Victorian Liberal Nationals and public outcry, the Andrews Government reversed its decision to cancel IVF treatments yesterday. The Government admitted in so doing that the highly specialised clinicians and facilities used for IVF weren’t required as part of the COVID-19 response.

Instead of considering the impact of individual health services on the broader COVID response before imposing a ban, the Premier yesterday confirmed his close first, ask questions later approach by stating that “you kind of start with the worst case position and then try and reinstate whatever you can.”

This approach is denying Victorians in need the services they deserve and causing significant distress to families across the state.

Instead of blanket bans and backflips, we need a proportionate response that shuts down only what is necessary, so more Victorians can continue to access the healthcare they need.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Victorians in need are being denied the healthcare they deserve because of the State Government’s close first, ask questions later approach to healthcare.

“This is all backwards. Instead of closing everything first and then reopening later, the Government should only close what is necessary in the first place.

“Thousands of Victorians who could safely receive the treatment they need are being denied due to sloppy and unnecessary blanket bans.

“Just like IVF treatments, all elective surgeries and healthcare services that can be resumed safely must be done so immediately.”

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