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Booster blitz flop leaves Victoria falling behind

One week into the State Government’s booster vaccine blitz, and it’s already way behind schedule.

On January 4th the Andrews Government boasted its booster blitz would deliver up to 300,000 doses a week at state run vaccination clinics, supplementing the up to 600,000 Victorians a week able to be vaccinated thorough GPs and pharmacists.

But at the end of week one instead of the 300,000 doses promised, Daniel Andrews’ vaccination hubs have only delivered just over 125,000 doses – less than half of the weekly target.

Worse still, reports of IT issues at the Royal Exhibition Centre have left healthcare staff filling out registration and vaccination forms by hand.

Shadow Health Minister, Georgie Crozier, said the State Government’s mismanagement and failure to prepare is holding Victorians back.

“Daniel Andrews’ booster blitz has stumbled out the door with IT issues and less than half the promised doses delivered.

“Again, Daniel Andrews is all spin, no substance. Victorians deserve a government focused on getting us out of this mess, not one obsessed with its own PR.

“We need real solutions to get Victorians their boosters so we can recover, rebuild and move on with our lives.”

Ms Crozier and the Victorian Liberal Nationals are calling on the State Government to:

  • Open a 24 hour hub to give more flexibility to those wanting to get vaccinated out of hours.

  • Take the vax program to local suburbs and summer holiday hotspots with mobile facilities and more pop up clinics.

  • Redirect wasteful government advertising on blown out projects and spend it on a targeted campaign encouraging Victorians to get their booster shots.

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