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Bus Shelters

My question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. It relates to a program by the City of Greater Dandenong to demolish 12 bus shelters which it regards as dilapidated. Bizarrely, the City of Greater Dandenong has started demolishing these bus shelters as we move into winter—that is, at the time when they are most needed—and no arrangement has been made for their replacement.

A number have already been demolished with more slated to be demolished shortly. There is no agreement between the Department of Transport and the city as to how these bus shelters will be replaced or when they will be replaced. Obviously this is a matter of great concern to those commuters who need to use these bus shelters.

So my constituency question to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is: will she provide an assurance that she will work with her department to ensure that those bus shelters are replaced this winter?

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