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Business left to pick up the tab for Labor’s vaccine mandate

Thousands of Victorian businesses will be left to pick up the pieces of the Andrews Labor Government’s vaccine mandate that comes into effect from today.

Under Labor’s mandate, unvaccinated permitted workers will be banned from entering their workplace and employers left in the dark as to what this means for their business.

The Andrews Labor Government has provided no guidance and information regarding the employment status of unvaccinated workers.

As a result, Victorian businesses have been left to obtain their own advice should they wish to remain open beyond 15 October.

This is an additional cost and headache for businesses who have already done it tough due to Labor’s extended lockdowns and restrictions.

The government has no plan to support businesses, instead rushing through its vaccine mandate with little to no consultation.

Daniel Andrews must immediately clarify the treatment of unvaccinated employees under workplace laws and give business certainty.

Nick Wakeling MP

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

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