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Call for Independent Review into Responsible Gambling Foundation

An independent review and follow the money audit must be undertaken immediately of all grants the Andrews Labor Government has awarded through the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

The call comes after shocking revelations were made at IBAC this morning that Labor operatives siphoned money from a grant paid to the Somali Australian Council of Victoria by the Foundation for personal benefit and to potentially branch stack for the Victorian Labor Party.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Steph Ryan:

“Money administered by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has only one purpose: to reduce gambling harm.

“IBAC’s assertion that this money was siphoned off by Labor operatives to branch stack and for personal benefit is a betrayal of every single Victorian.

“A thorough and independent review must be undertaken immediately to ensure that no other grants were used for political purposes.”

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