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CCTV required at cranbourne bus stop

I wish to raise a constituency question for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services regarding the safety of transport users in Cranbourne, in particular commuters who use the bus stop on Lyall Street in Cranbourne.

Violent offenders have been targeting people waiting at this particular bus stop near the Cranbourne Park shopping centre. There have been a string of violent incidents in recent months, including vulnerable people, such as children down to 12 years old, being targeted for items such as the theft of their mobile phones by gangs of teenagers.

Terrified transport users have been asking for CCTV to be installed at this bus stop for some time. Cranbourne police are aware of the issues and have increased their patrols; however, this does not appear to be a deterrent. Parents of children who use this bus stop are being encouraged to provide their children with personal alarms, which are available through Neighbourhood Watch.

So my question to the minister for police is: when will the government install CCTV to deter the violent offences in this area?

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