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Chaos Continues in Daniel Andrews Prisons

Reports today that three prison guards have been hospitalised following an assault by a jailhouse tattooist is yet another example of the ongoing chaos within Victoria’s correctional system.

This serious assault on staff is the latest in a series of alarming incidents inside Victoria’s prisons over recent months, including revelations of prisoners accessing social media, accusations of staff bullying and complaint cover-ups and an almost fatal attack on Tony Mokbel inside Victoria’s most secure prison.

The safety of staff and maintaining order of Victoria’s prisons just isn’t a priority for Labor, with recent Productivity Commission data showing the rate of serious assaults on prison officers is at its highest level in a decade.

With no end to the dangerous and chaotic behaviour in Victoria’s prisons in sight, its little wonder why under Daniel Andrews, Victoria is running the most expensive, yet worst performing correctional system of any state in the nation.

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Police, Community Safety and Corrections

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