Chaos continues in Fines Victoria

Despite promises from Premier Daniel Andrews and Attorney-General Jill Hennessey that they would fix the mess that is Fines Victoria, it’s now been revealed there has been at least a further $8 million blow out in staffing costs.

This is just the latest bungle in Labor’s disastrous rollout of Fines Victoria which has included families being harassed over fines for loved ones who have died, and hundreds of Victorians who have wrongly lost their drivers licences due to Labor’s incompetence.

Not only has the Fines Victoria bungle impacted on the personal lives of Victorians, causing significant distress and hardship, it’s now also been revealed that road safety measures conducted by the Sheriff’s office have been almost non-existent.

In the financial year 2018-19, just 5 roadblocks were conducted by the Sheriff’s office, compared to 99 in 2017-18, due to the mismanaged roll out of Fines Victoria.

These further bungles come at the same time it has been confirmed yet another senior bureaucrat, Fines Victoria chief Emma Catford, has moved on from her current role.

Fines Victoria has lurched from crisis to crisis and it has been everyday Victorians who continue to pay the price for Labor’s continued incompetence and mismanagement of Victoria’s fines system.

Edward O'Donohue MP

Shadow Attorney-General

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