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Climate Council finds Victorian Labor’s energy policy doesn’t stack up

The Climate Council’s recent report, comparing the environmental credentials of every Australian jurisdiction is a damning read when compared to the Andrews Government’s utopian view of the outcomes of their own energy policies.

The Climate Council found, of the eight States and Territories, Victoria achieved what can only generously be described as middling results. We were fourth in the percentage of energy actually produced from renewables; fifth in large-scale solar capacity per capita and sixth in the percentage of households with solar panels.

These are mediocre results, given Labor has committed $1.3 billion to renewables, particularly when viewed in contrast to the lens of Daniel Andrews’ spin.

Daniel Andrews’ disastrous energy policies have seen the closure of Hazelwood power station in 2017, an increased likelihood of the premature closure of Yallourn, ever-higher prices and an impending summer of blackouts.

The closure of Hazelwood cost over 900 Victorian jobs and forced power prices through the roof. The closure of Yallourn is expected to cost 500 direct jobs, with another 500 indirect jobs at risk. Our power bills can only get much worse.

Amidst this climate of closures, according to the most recent electricity price data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Victoria has the highest wholesale electricity prices in Australia.

Worse, AEMO now predicts 1.3 million, or more than half of Victorian households, will suffer from blackouts this summer.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, you get a lot of talk and big-spending under the pretence of supporting the environment. However, the reality is that policies that deliver mediocre environmental outcomes, less secure power, fewer jobs and higher prices for Victorians.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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