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Cold, Dark Days for Victoria’s Most Vulnerable Workers

The Andrews Labor Government has extended Victoria’s sixth lockdown, but has failed to extend desperately-needed support to Victoria’s most vulnerable employees – casual workers.

Some 10 weeks since the Liberal Nationals first called on the Andrews Labor Government to extend the $250.00 power saving bonus to casual workers, Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio is still MIA.

In the meantime, workers deemed “non-essential” by the Andrews Labor Government will have spent a further 54 days in lockdown by 2 September, foregoing more than $10,000 in potential earnings at a time when power prices are on the rise.

Extending the Power Saving Bonus would enable the average household to meet their rising power bills for up to six weeks.

For the third time in as many months, we call on the Minister to do the right thing and extend the Power Saving Bonus.

The Liberal Nationals are on the side of Victorian workers, and are committed to helping them keep their lights on and their houses warm as they struggle through the cold, dark days of another Labor Lockdown.

Brad Rowswell MP

Shadow for Energy and Renewables

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