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Community safety running on emergency bailouts

The safety of Victorians has been placed at risk as Victoria Police are left reliant on emergency bailouts to fund everyday operations under Daniel Andrews.

Confirmation that Victoria Police are not being given adequate funding is another example of Daniel Andrews’ financial failures that is hurting Victorian communities.

This failure to properly fund frontline police will see police cut costs, just as Victoria begins to re-open and rebuild.

Shadow Minister for Police, Brad Battin stated “despite now running the largest law enforcement agency in the nation, fewer Victorians feel safe in their own homes or on public transport at night than any other state.

Instead of backing frontline police with the resources they need, Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement will see cost-cutting measures that place community safety at risk.

Daniel Andrews’ wasteful spending of people’s money means fewer police in the community preventing crime and responding to calls for assistance.”

Instead of wasting billions of dollars on major project cost blowouts, Daniel Andrews must immediately provide Victoria Police with the funding they need to keep Victorians safe.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Police

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