Commuters suffered even more unscheduled train cancellations and no shows in August

In August 2019, 2409 services were not delivered as scheduled due to unscheduled cancellations, short trips, station skips and loop bypasses. This is up by 278 from the July figures and continues a worsening trend under Labor.

It appears there is no end in sight to the deteriorating reliability of the metropolitan rail network under Labor, with now 108% more unscheduled train cancellations and no shows than under the former Liberal Nationals Government.

The most reliable line under Labor, compared with the former Liberal Nationals Government, the Belgrave line, still has 51% more unscheduled train cancellations and no shows under Daniel Andrews in August 2019 as it was under the Liberal Nationals in November 2014.

Labor’s least reliable line, the Mernda line, has a shocking 347% more unscheduled train cancellations and no shows than under the Liberal Nationals.

In fact, the majority of metropolitan lines have at least double the amount of unscheduled train cancellations and no shows than under the Liberal Nationals Government:

· Mernda line +347%

· Williamstown line +260%

· Upfield line +248%

· Alamein line +244%

· Frankston line +164%

· Sunbury line +122%

· Werribee line +116%

· Hurstbridge line +116%

· Glen Waverley line +111%

· Craigieburn line +110%

· Stony Point line +100%

· Pakenham line +86%

· Sandringham line +76%

· Lilydale line +64%

· Cranbourne line +55%

· Belgrave line +51%

937 trains were cancelled in August – the worst lines were Frankston, Pakenham, Craigieburn and Werribee.

971 trains ran short, turning back before reaching their destination – the worst lines were Frankston, Lilydale, Cranbourne and Werribee.

432 metropolitan trains bypassed a rail loop – the worst lines were Lilydale, Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston.

69 trains skipped stations they were scheduled to stop at. Thirty of these were Mernda line trains.

The number of trains not delivered as scheduled has more than doubled since Labor came to power.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“Commuters shouldn’t be left standing on a station with their train a no show.

Passengers expect reliable, safe and punctual train services. Cancelling services or bypassing or skipping stations leaves passengers justifiably frustrated and angry.

Daniel Andrews has overseen a blowout of 108% more unscheduled train cancellations and no shows across the metropolitan train system.

Daniel Andrews is simply incapable of providing the reliable train service Melbourne commuters expect and deserve.”

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